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Ted Brewer can help you buy the right boat

If you would like to consult with Ted Brewer personally, a fee of $350 US will enable you to contact him as many times as necessary, within reason of course, to ask questions about hulls, rigs, construction, Brewer designs, or any other boats you are considering.

Ted at the drafting table

If you fax or mail information on vessels that appeal to you, Ted will be glad to comment on their merits. Telling a broker that you have hired Ted Brewer as a consultant well may ensure that you get complete answers about their offerings without as much unrealistic sales pitch.

Ted no longer keeps regular office hours, but is often in the office  Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 Pacific Standard Time or by appointment.  Questions for Ted Brewer should be directed to the office.
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Brewer Yacht Design

1825 Evergreen Drive,

Agassiz, BC  V0M 1A3 CANADA


Brewer Yacht Design
1825 Evergreen Drive
Agassiz, BC
Canada VOM 1A3
Phone 604-796-3732  Fax 604-796-3738


12 July 2014