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Sailing Vessel Designs for Steel Construction
All prices are in US Funds

  • MURRAY 33  A 33' double chine sloop/cutter; fin keel, skeg rudder. Up to 7 berths, generous stowage. Ideal long range cruiser.
    SP-$50 US/ FP-$495 US

  • KAIULANI 34 A superb layout in a 34' compact blue water cruiser. Classic profile, Brewer bite keel, cutter rig, radius bilge, U galley, stall shower, full nav area, pilot berth and stowage galore. One of my favorite designs.
    SP-$60 US/ FP-$695 US

  • ARAGOSA 35 A fast, modern 35' sloop with a comfortable 4-6 berth layout for coastal or blue water cruising, or club racing. Fin keel and tall rig assures superb all around performance. Also available for aluminum construction.
    SP-$60 US/ FP-$695 US

  • HUROMIC 35 A very able, radius bilge, full keel 35'7" cruiser with two successful circumnavigations to her credit. The last voyage, Sitka to Sitka, was single handed in 180 days. She will take you anywhere you want to sail, in safety and comfort. Sloop or double headsail rig as preferred.
    SP-$75 US/ FP-$695 US

  • PUFFIN A 36' or 38' flush decked, pilothouse sloop with live-aboard accommodations. Shoal draft with twin bilge keels. Powerful diesel for maximum cruising speeds under power and a tall sloop rig to move her in even light air. A true 60/40 motorsailer with large fuel tankage and comfortable wheelhouse.
    SP-$85 US/ FP-$895 US

  • KAIULANI 38 A 38' go anywhere, radius bilge cutter with full keel/Brewer bite. Three cabin privacy, large galley, pilot berth, stall shower and ample stowage in a well proven hull.
    SP-$90 US/ FP-$895 US

  • ARAGOSA 38 A superb all around 38' cruiser. Fast fin keel hull and tall sloop or cutter rig. Features U galley, stall shower, complete nav area and berths for 5, not including the settees. Truly and outstanding yacht in every way.
    SP-$90 US/ FP-$895 US

  • CARIOCA A handsome, clipper bowed, flush decked 40' cutter with full keel and Brewer bite. Radius bilge hull. Berths for 6-7, large galley, deep, protected cockpit. A yacht that blue water sailors will appreciate.
    SP-$90 US/ FP-$895 US

  • VERITY 40 A 40' fast, radius bilge, fin keel cutter and a very successful design. Three cabin privacy with all the amenities - stall shower, pilot berth, huge galley, etc. in a sleek, modern package. Moderate displacement and generous sail area provide top performance.
    SP-$90 US/ FP-$995 US

  • CORTEN One of my most popular designs. Available as marconi cutter, marconi schooner, gaff schooner and marconi yawl. Can be built as 40 footer with transom hung rudder or 42'9" with counter stern and inboard rudder. Pilot house version optional. Kits available. Radius bilge or double chine hull available. 6 berths in 3 cabins, aft cockpit. Complete plans include all options so you can tailor this yacht to suit your needs.
    SP-$95 US/ FP-$995 US

  • NOMAD A modern steel 42' pilot house cruiser that performs well due to her tall cutter rig, fin keel and skeg/rudder. Radius bilge hull. Accommodates 4-6 in 3 cabins and features a roomy U shape galley, stall shower and comfortable pilot house, wrapped up in a handsome package with a springy sheer and attractive overhangs.
    SP-$95 US/ FP-$995 US

  • ALASKA 43 A 43' center cockpit, flush decked, pilot house, full keel cutter. Designed as a live-aboard for northwest waters. A "go anywhere" yacht and a very popular design. Double chine construction.
    SP-$95 US/ FP-$1095 US

  • CANYON 43 A modern 43' pilot house cruiser on a full keel, radius bilge hull with Brewer bite. The interior features 2 staterooms plus a roomy saloon, U shape galley, and head with stall shower. Moderate displacement and generous sail area offer good performance in a true blue water yacht.
    SP-$95 US/ FP-$1095 US

  • CAPE RACE A 44' full keel/c.b. center cockpit, auxiliary ketch. The original has cruised from the Baltic to Turkey to California. Liveaboard layout for 6-7. Available as double chine or full round bilge hull. Options include longer ends, to 47', taller rig, deeper keel, Tailor this yacht to suit you.
    SP-$95 US/ FP-$1095 US

  • MIAMI A 45' radius bilge, ketch with full keel and Brewer bite. Flush decked, aft cockpit and a handsome, salty, go-anywhere vessel. Liveaboard layout for 2-4 with room for 2-4 guests (who wants 'em?) in 4 cabins plus workshop. A yacht for the serious cruising family. Options include pilot house version and keel/c.b. with only 5' draft.
    SP-$95 US/ FP-$1095 US

  • ORCA A 45' modern fin keel, pilot house cutter with a large saloon in the pilot house and 3 cabin privacy. Features strong steel hull and, if desired, a light weight aluminum deck. A tall cutter rig assures top windward performance for this fast, long range cruiser. Also available in full aluminum construction.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$1795US

  • KINGSLAND A 45' radius bilge, flush decked, pilot house cutter (trunk cabin option if preferred). Double ended or counter stern. Full keel with Brewer bite. Radius chine hull has been built by both professionals and raw amateurs (gutty, raw amateurs). Berths for up to 8 in 3 cabins, large head with stall shower and a huge workshop (or an owner's cabin with private head) aft.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$1295 US

  • WOLF POINT Pilot house 47' ketch with raised cockpit, flush decked forward. Radius bilge hull with fin keel/centerboard or deep fin if preferred. Owner's cabin aft with separate head. Room for 4-6 guests forward. Extra large galley.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$1495 US

  • NORTHEAST 47' Radius bilge, center cockpit, flush deck, full keel (Brewer bite), cutter. Designed for world voyaging. 7 permanent berths, 2 settee-berths, in 3 cabins. 2 heads, stall shower, large workshop, huge galley. Go anywhere.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$1195 US

  • ALBATROSS A 53' fully developed, Y sections, full keel schooner with knockabout bow and inboard rig. Features enclosed wheelhouse, owner's and guest/crew cabins and large cargo hold which can convert to 2 more double cabins. Designed for island trading and live-aboard use.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$2195 US

  • KITTIWAKE A 54' ultra modern, pilot house, center cockpit cutter for radius bilge steel hull with aluminum deckhouse and cockpit. Fin keel and skeg rudder. Accommodations for 7 in 4 cabins with huge galley and room for an 11-12' boat on the aft deck. Large engine room and protected cockpit with windshield.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$2495 US

  • ARDEN A 60' three masted schooner now available for steel construction. An unusual design but a comfortable and easily handled yacht with excellent accommodation for cruising or chartering. This is a handsome vessel with many interesting features.
    SP-$120 US/ FP-$2795 US

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