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To Order From Brewer Yacht Design
All prices are quoted in US funds.

We accept US or Canadian personal checks; bank checks or money orders in US funds(be sure they are cashable outside the US) or Western Union transfers. Be sure to let us know by phone or e-mail that you have sent this way - they do not call us. Western Union & personal checks should be made out in my wife's name, Betty Brewer, as she does the banking.

We also accept Visa & MasterCard by phone, credit cards only, but no debit cards or PayPal, please.

We cannot handle bank transfers, PayPal, any debit cards or other credit cards.

Be sure to include your full mailing address.  The plans cannot be sent via e-mail.  All plans are normally shipped folded and via airmail.


order from USA or overseas

order from Canada

 We do not sell Ted's current book. It can be ordered through Amazon, either in the US or Canada (see links under icon to left.) Occasionally they also have used copies of his earlier book "Ted Brewer Explains Sailboat Design" which is now out of print.



We do not share customer information with anyone without the customer's express permission.

It usually takes 4 to 5 days for delivery in Canada, a week to the US, and 10 days to two weeks to most of the rest of the world. Mail to some countries may take three weeks or more.

Order Cost Canada United States International
Up to $50.00 $2.95 $5.15 $10.30
$50.01 to $100.00 $5.05 $10.30 $20.60
$100.01 to $500.00 $10.10 $20.60 $41.20
$500.01 and over We will calucalate the best rate.

Express delivery, please contact us.

Rolled prints are not practical. 

Mailing rolled prints costs at least 5 times the cost of folded prints.

 All plans are sold on a no exchange, no return basis

Questions for Ted Brewer should be directed to the office. Ted no longer keeps regular office hours, but is often in the office Monday through Thursday between 9:00 and 11:00 Pacific Time or fax or e-mail for a phone appointment.  

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12 July 2014