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Sail Vessel Designs for Fibreglass Construction
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  • MORGANE LE FAY At 34', a cored FRP hull and deck, designed for long range cruising and liveaboard use. Long fin with outboard skeg rudder, prop in aperture. Huge galley and very comfortable layout for a couple with occasional guests.
    SP-$75 US/ FP-$895 US

  • CENTENNIAL Centerboard or leeboards, flush decked, gaff rigged 34' sharpie ketch. Cored FRP hull and deck. OB power in well. 4 berths and good sitting headroom. An unusual yacht that will appeal to the unconventional yachtsman. Fast, able and a center of attention in any port.
    SP-$60 US/ FP-$495 US


  • SUNSHINE This 35' gaff rigged pinky sloop was designed for a well known east coast yachtsman and he owned her until his death. Roomy accommodations for 4, tons of character. Construction in C-flex, foam core, etc. as preferred. Full keel, of course, and double ended.
    P-$60 US/ FP-$695 US

  • JASON A double ended 35' cutter, full keel with Brewer bite. World cruiser class, will take you there and bring you back.
    SP-$60 US/ FP-$595 US

  • VISION 41 A fast fin keel/skeg rudder, flush decked, pilot house cutter. 6-7 berths in 3 cabins, stall shower, large galley, and with inside control station for dusty weather.
    SP-$75 US/ FP-$895 US

  • VICTORY This is a 44' full keel with Brewer bite, flush decked, pilot house, double ended cutter. Cored FRP hull with wood decks and house. Very able yacht. 8 berths in 3 cabins, 2 heads, stall shower, workshop, etc. A true seagoer and liveaboard.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$1000 US

  • EGRET A modern 44' sharpie ketch of cored FRP with Roslyn type hull. Center cockpit layout sleeps 6-8 in 3 cabins, large galley, stall shower. Ideal shoal water cruiser.
    SP-$75 US/ FP-$895 US

  • CAPE MAY 44 Center cockpit cutter; long fin keel/ skeg rudder with aperture in skeg. Cored FRP hull and deck. Berths for 8 in 3 cabins, large galley, head with stall shower. Custom designed for a world voyage.
    SP-$120 US/ FP-$1495 US

  • BLUE JEANS A 47' flush decked, keel-centerboard cutter. Handsome yacht with bald clipper bow and long stern, and one of my favorites. Reported to be fast and weatherly by her owner. Berths for 7 in 3 cabins, workshop, etc.
    SP-$100 US/ FP-$1495 US

    48' Fin keel/skeg rudder, performance ketch (or cutter). Classic styling. Aft cockpit, with berths for 6-8 in 3 cabins. Large galley, 2 heads, stall shower and all the amenities. A fast and weatherly yacht, suitable for world cruising or PHRF racing.
    SP-$125 US/ FP-$1695 US

  • THURSDAY'S CHILD At 60'a modern long range, fin keel pilothouse cruising ketch with all the amenities. Cored FPH construction, 3 double cabins, large galley and handsome styling.
    SP-$125 US/ FP-$1995

  • ARDEN Cored fibreglass bilge keel, three masted 60' schooner. An unusual design but a comfortable and easily handled yacht with excellent accommodation for cruising or chartering. This is a handsome vessel with many interesting features. Plans for building in steel and aluminum also available.
    SP-$120 US/ FP-$2795 US

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$100.01 to $500.00 $10.10 $20.60 $41.20
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12 July 2014