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  • LOA---34' 11"
  • LWL---32' 0"
  • BEAM---11' 3"
  • DRAFT---3' 10"/ 7' 10"
  • BALLAST---6800 lbs.
  • SAIL AREA---733 sq. ft.
  • DISPLACEMENT---19000 lbs.
  • SA/DISPL RATIO---16.5
  • TANKS---38 gals. Fuel, 80 gals. Water

A 35' Keel / Centerboard Cutter
Brewer Design #264

The BAHAMA BANK is designed for a skipper who wants a go-anywhere cruiser with the accent on shoal water ability. Her 3'10" board up draft lets her safely go where the bottom is very close to the surface, while her 7'10" board down draft assures excellent windward ability in deeper waters.

The outboard rudder is handled by a tiller and this will ease the fitting of wind vane steering, but wheel steering can be easily fitted for those who prefer. The rudder is lifted above the keel bottom so that she can go aground or even be careened for bottom work with no damage.

Bahama Bank

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Construction is of aluminum and the double chine hull form simplifies things for the competent amateur.

Aluminum construction also assures a strong, tight hull and deck, as well as a boat with high resale value.

The accommodations are laid out to sleep 3-4 in permanent berths, plus 2 additional in the saloon settees. The galley is large and complete, with room for an electric fridge or a big icebox, as preferred. The nav area is also roomy with generous locker/instrument space and an extra wide quarter berth.

Bahama Bank

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There is ample stowage throughout the yacht as well. The spacious cockpit has 4 sail bin/lockers so there is plenty of space to store all the gear one needs for extended cruises. Ventilation is provided by 9 opening ports, 3 hatches, 3 dorade vents and a solar vent.

The double spreader rig has a keel stepped mast for maximum strength and is strongly stayed with double lowers, twin backstays and intermediate backstays.

These can be set up as runners if extended blue water cruising is anticipated and will do much for peace of mind in a real buster. With her club staysail and high cut yankee jib, the BAHAMA BANK is a true cutter and will be easily handled by a small crew, or even single handed.

Bahama Bank

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All in all, the BAHAMA BANK should please the cruising man who is looking for a comfortable cutter with both shoal water and deep water capability in a strong, aluminum hull.


Study Plans: $60 US

Complete Plans: $595 US

Ordering Information

Study plans contain sufficient drawings to price out materials or obtain a professional bid; the cost of study plans is credited if complete plans are later ordered. Complete plans include rights to build one boat, plus reasonable consultation during construction.



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